Process Automation

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An Overview

An end-to-end Sales process automation implementation makes it easy to calculate the overall sales impact. It is a bedrock of B2B consultative sales addressing regular pain points such as market coverage optimization, sub-optimal resource utilization, low last mile visibility, lack of deep market intelligence around product promotion and consumer insight, absence of structured mechanism to address field issue, challenges in defining trade marketing strategy, cumbersome compliance management, fraud detection process, project reporting and….more!

At TechNeeqs, we invested in developing intelligent sales automation platforms leveraging latest technology trends to streamline, optimize and perfect your Field Force strategy and reduce the sellers’ journey by bringing in the next level of simplicity to the B2B landscape. Real-time information access, tracking and knowledge sharing, single view to the ecosystem with customized accessibility, deep market intelligence and accurate competition insight, scalable and customizable solutions, holistic project reporting are some of the top-line features of TechNeeqs technology tools.

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TechNeeqs’s holistic solution for planning and executing the field force program


Your one-stop field force automation solution

Smartly tailored for specific industry requirements, real time data capture for effective performance management and appraisal of field force, market intelligence around product promotion and consumer insight and desired attendance management system ensuring compliance are top-line requirements of businesses managing large sales force on-ground. It is important then to adopt automation and re-invent your field force strategy to be able to define and track the market share in terms of sales.

TechNeeqs’s proprietary Sales Force Automation Tool, can help you address these requirements while also providing exhaustive, customizable, and timely business insights to facilitate corrective actions. It is a complete solution for planning, managing, and executing your sales force program, offering end-to-end visibility to all the stakeholders in the sales ecosystem and establishing standard customer experience across.

  • Expansion in sales efficiency
  • Enhanced market reach
  • Real time on-field productivity tracking mechanism
  • Favourably engaged field force impacting skill up-levelling & retention
  • Connected sales teams
  • Access to live & accurate sales data visibility
  • Effective stock distribution & management
  • Enhanced customer & market insights for sales optimisation
  • Sales Force process tracking
  • Web based Program Management
  • Training Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Issue Management System
  • On-Ground Market Intelligence
  • Demo Asset Management
  • Real time accessibility of secondary sales data

An end-to-end trade marketing solution offering holistic and in-depth view of all activities


Rocket-charge secondary sales, Real-Time!

Identifying and on boarding right set of influencers, continually up levelling their engagement to maximize ROI, accurately tracking disbursement & deployment of marketing collaterals in the right markets via distributors are top-line tasks of a trade marketer. However, the inability to track secondary sales up-to end level, gauge the effectiveness of on-ground, omni-channel sales activities and flawed resource optimization may affect trade marketing strategy forcing an accelerated revenue generation to be a dream.

At TechNeeqs an end-to-end solution is offered to plan, execute and monitor Trade marketing activities. It leverages an integrated analytics dashboard offering a single view of channel ecosystem enabling organizations to identify and streamline key factors of achieving excellence in channel strategy and sales output. The platform is built with the objective of standardizing the processes of tracking and monitoring promotional activities/value-added services, providing stakeholders with visibility into the areas like sales, fund utilization, coverage, and brand advocacy. Right from faster stock replenishment, reduction in inventory carrying costs, trial generations leading to better production planning and improving on-ground team performance, the platform is designed for faster and ease of adoption.

  • Measuring beat plan adherence & deviations objectively
  • Empowering field force to capture on ground activity & track daily performance
  • View of status of activity mapped against varying geos
  • Updating and managing KPIs in sync with business strategy
  • Access to relevant knowledge repository enabling cross sell/upsell
  • Competition data analysis, branding deployment, audits, and effective market coverage
  • Offline support for seamless data collection in low/no network areas
  • Assessing field force real time on product knowledge, sales pitch
  • Single view of secondary sales
  • Identify schemes/campaign that lift sales & impact on incremental sales
  • Strategizing and planning omni-channel activities basis evolving market dynamics
  • Ability to better plan the deployment of visual merchandising elements
  • Beat planner – attendance, adherence, deviation & approval Tracker
  • Omni-channel B2B activity management
  • Target assignment and achievement tracking
  • Analytical dashboards and optimized reports
  • Knowledge Repository and Assessments
  • Notifications/schemes broadcast
  • Offline accessibility of the App

TechNeeqs is your perfect match for comprehensive retail excellence solution offering deep market intelligence


Driving Excellence in Retail Visibility & Market Insights

Validating the authenticity of store visits, ensuring in-store promoter compliance, planning journey cycles, planogram updates, mystery audits, establishing better and standard store/consumer experiences, confirming right stock management and in-depth view of store potential for mapping investments are some of the real-time challenges that retailers face.

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Our Retail and Business Management Solution is a complete package enabling perfect store execution and deeper retail penetration across sectors. It leverages advanced technologies to provide comprehensive compliance management mechanisms at many levels and facilitating issue resolutions at the same time, conglomerating productivity, quality and attendance of in-store promoters, precision in inventory management, real time planogram tracking and updates, shelf space adherence, POSM deployment & billing consistency.

  • Deep market research and insights comprising competition mapping & brand visibility for marketing management
  • In-store hygiene index with a view on comparative visibility, stock visibility enabling precise stock planning, data visualisation, effective investment output
  • Authenticated visits through date-time-location stamped photos, geo-tagging, and mystery audits
  • Customized real-time data capture & planogram updates to enable sales optimisation
  • Faster issue resolutions through issue tracking mechanisms
  • Interactive feedback & in-store visual validation
  • 'On-air’ & real-time dissemination of in-store changes for retail readiness at all the times
  • AI/ML driven solutions for reduced efforts and time of field-reps, and accurate data collection and retail audits
  • Offline support to continue working with no data loss, even in low/no network regions
  • Beat planner and Attendance Tracker
  • Customizable Data Collection Forms
  • Surveys for Customer Satisfaction, Consumer Research & Partner Research
  • Issue/Compliance Management & Stock Management
  • Manual & Automated back-office Audits
  • Offline Functionality
  • Planogram Editing and Communication Platform
  • Performance Tracker & Mystery Audits
  • Integrated Advanced Analytics Capability