Independent Software Vendors

Techneeqs supports many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). We deliver services that work directly in conjunction with our clients' ever-changing needs. We understand any Intellectual Property is your property and will sign Non-Disclosure agreements to protect your IP.

Independent Software Vendors utilize our services for many reasons including

Cost Reduction
Minimized Risk
A company, not a single resource
To remain competitive
Speed to Market
Maintaining Internal Staff’s Focus on Key Projects
Round the clock development

Some of the key business challenges that Techneeqs solve

  • Fix bugs, product improvement.
  • Re-engineering needs such as porting, migration, legacy systems, SaaS, and Cloud.
  • Managing product quality including regression, testing, reliability.
  • Solving issues associated with user growth by providing performance, scalability, and architectural upgrades.
  • End user Implementations and Product Customizations.
  • Accessibility across multiple devices.

Competitive IT Projects

Techneeqs is adept at delivering IT project work through Managed Service Provider / Vendor Management Systems and E-Procurement Portals. Techneeqs maintains process efficiency and competitiveness to fulfill IT project work within these programs. For well-defined projects, our goal is to provide proposals within 3-4 business days.

24 Hour Project Analysis

24 Hour Project Analysis – Our streamlined delivery process ensures team will analyze project requirements within 24 hours.

Questions posed to client

Questions posed to client - Upon reviewing the proposal, we will present our clarification questions within 24 hours.


Proposal provided 48 hours after questions answered.