Web Development Company

We develop high-performance websites, and web applications based on your business needs to deliver user experience more than your expectations.

In the wave of digitization, every business owner wants to scale the business further with the help of a website that attracts and converts visitors into customers. Designing and developing a website is more about understanding the business objectives first. Just like a retail store in the local markets, your business website has to face competition.

As a leading web development company, TechNeeqs has the experience of working for a diverse clientele. We develop business-oriented websites that help you outperform competition and accelerate your business growth. Generating inquiries or selling a wide range of products- we develop websites for every business requirement using advanced technologies.

We do not only develop websites but also consult our clients at all stages of web development. Your end customers matter a lot for your business, while you matter even more to us.

Our Web Development Services

API management

API management a method of documenting, creating, publishing, and analyzing APIs in a safe setting. An organization can ensure that both the public and private APIs they make are consumable and secure by an API management solution.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an interdisciplinary ability with various approaches, but progress in machine learning and deep learning provides a practical standard change tasks that typically demand human intelligence.

AR Development

Augmented Reality is a visual representation of digital content in a real-world setting. Mobile AR apps are developed on phone and tablet platforms with AR content visible on the screen as a hologram

Custom ERP Development

We have comprehensive ERP implementation experience, customizations, and alliances for strong ERP platforms that match your different business styles. Our developers use modern ERP software development strategies.

Custom Web Development

We provide custom web development services where we build websites or web apps as per your specific requirements. Our customized websites boost your customer engagement and conversions drastically.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a technology that brings the digital world into a real-world environment, where people can experience virtual reality by using VR headsets and gears. Virtual reality development can be used to create experiences for users to test products virtually, learn new things, or build something new.

Web App Re-engineering

Tired of your old-school web application. We have got it covered for you. Our experts will reengineer your web app and create the best one in the industry for you.

Web Support & Maintenance

Provide secure, hiccup-free, and upgraded user experience to your app visitors with our ever-evolving web support and maintenance services. We ensure your users never face downtime.

E-commerce Web App Development

E-commerce web application to carry out online sales. Integrate your business with a web application and witness the growth in sales as well as visitors to your website within a short period of time.


ERP software development company to assist you to inline your enterprise goals and support planning with the latest technology. Reserve planning made more comfortable solutions with the least rational invasion.

Full Stack Development Services

We provide full stack development service with modern web development technology stack with MERN or MEAN stack which enhance the user experiences.

IOT Development

We assist our clients in building smart gadgets, turning analog products into digital using sensors, firmware, IoT platforms, and building infrastructure (embedded, web, and mobile) for custom IoT solutions.

Legacy App Upgrade

Modernize your legacy web apps with the latest technologies to provide high-end user experiences without affecting your existing business operations. Upgrade your old-school web apps now.

Machine Learning

With our AI & Machine Learning Consulting services, you can give personalized consumer experiences, automate your in-house processes, and complete solutions that will improve the way consumers associate with your product.

Process Automation

Business Process Automation software uses business controls and automatic tasks to implement processes that achieve a business goal. All exercises around these methods are followed and analyzed for capability.

Product Lifecycle Management

We operate on cutting-edge PLM products to provide services and solutions beyond automotive, aerospace, hi-tech, retail, and life sciences verticals.

Responsive Web App Designs

We create responsive web app designs that accentuates user experience and easy navigation. Our designers have years of experience to aid the design process and create perfect web apps.

Security and Risk Management

Our IT security management services assure complete protection of your applications, products, and support against cyber menaces. By reducing probable damages and implementing full control over secrecy and compliance, you can manage all your shared data, business intelligence, and other assets securely.